Top 5 Ways My Protagonist & I Are Alike

The caveat "This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental" applies to SHADOW POINT. However, I must admit the protagonist, Madison McPeake, bears more than a passing similarity to me in some areas. (although her life is much more exciting than mine!) (so far) Here are the Top 5 Ways Amy & Madison Are Alike:

1) We both like Coca-Cola. A Lot.
2) Madison is a corporate trainer. I used to have that job.
3) Like Mad, I am often accused of being a bit of a smartypants.
4) Neither one of us is mechanically-minded. Madison is challenged by the mechanics of a child's car seat and by putting the top back up on a Jeep. I would be, too - I currently have a partially assembled BBQ on my balcony that is likely to remain in that state until someone more talented than I comes over. She should bring some steaks, too.
5) Mad is green-eyed, so am I. She's 5'7", I'm 3/4" taller. Her hair is blonde and that's my color, too. Because I bought it at the store - that's my color.

Next up - the Top 5 Ways Amy & Madison Are NOT Alike!


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