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It's Sunday, so it's time to post something about writing. Let's talk about some blogs that help me write. (sort of) I've established the Blog Roll in the right hand column of this page. First and foremost and alphabetical is Bella Books, the publisher of my forthcoming novel, SHADOW POINT. Go, Bella! And Go, You, if you like, to their site to check out their other fine books. You can click on the link in the blog roll to go there.

Sometimes when you're writing, you get stuck and you just need to take a break. If you need a laugh, I recommend icanhascheezburger and ihasahotdog, aka loldogs. If you don't like funny pictures of cats and dogs, then, uh...

The next four blogs listed on the roll are all related to the business of publishing, specifically the world of literary agents. There are a zillion blogs out there about writing and some of them are even good. These four just happen to be my particular favorites as of this moment.
  • Miss Snark is simply a classic. This anonymous agent no longer posts to her blog, but the archived material is priceless if you are an aspiring writer. (or enjoy pails of gin)
  • Nathan Bransford is (a) possibly the nicest guy on the planet and (b) the author of a fantastic blog for new writers who want to learn about querying agents and much, much more. His blog is a serious storehouse of great info for writers.
  • Query Shark is a blog where writers can submit their query letters to a real live agent, who will then rip them to pieces for our edification and amusement. As educational as it is funny!
  • Speaking of funny, The Rejectionist routinely makes me laugh so hard that tears come to my eyes. She is an assistant at an unnamed literary agent in New York City (where else?) and her salty, NSFW, insightful posts on writing, books, publishing, heavy metal and her personal life just crack me up.

So, that's it for the blog roll for now. Enjoy!


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